Design Philosophy

Alternative Web Design subscribes to the beliefs that – –

  • Web sites do not need to be complicated to build or to maintain;
  • each page ought to be well structured and easy to read;
  • the entire site’s navigation should be intuitive and its display cross-browser compatible;
  • the site should be as accessible as possible to visitors with disabilities; and
  • there be no dead-ends, broken links, or other distracting design oversights.
Simple, functional, attractive, and professional.

Designer Qualifications

Conrad Matiuk—senior developer/designer—has over twenty years of information technology experience encompassing a broad spectrum of analytical and programming fields including ten years using Web site design and development tools including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion, and WordPress. In addition, Mr. Matiuk possesses over twelve years experience in program management analysis, and software application integration. Mr. Matiuk has held positions of responsibility in both the corporate and government arenas requiring the identification, analysis, coordination, and implementation of cross-browser compatible Web strategies and the integration of Web readable content into accessible and visitor friendly Web sites.