Conrad MatiukAlternative Web Design is a small, independent business enterprise. Most of the Web sites in our representative portfolio have been labors of love: work done pro bono for community-based, not-for-profit organizations with a need to communicate their individual messages of hope and community involvement. It has been our pleasure over the years – – since 1997, in fact – – to provide our services free of charge to these organizations.

My experience reaches back further a number of years and encompasses a wider spectrum of information technology involvement. Since the early 1980’s I have witnessed and been a party to the information revolution. I have handled the gamut of information media from hard-copy to e-copy. I have supervised small staffs of writers, programmers, and developers and have overseen projects that had the potential, if not managed carefully, to interrupt the work of hundreds of people involved in highly sensitive legal matters. I have worked in team settings and I have worked alone and unsupervised. I have been co-located with fellow employees working toward a common goal; I have worked off-site and have accomplished the same goals. A common thread through each of these work scenarios is my dedication to performance and excellence; my flexibility and ability to work and succeed under any conditions; and my pride in the accomplishment of a job well done, well presented, and well received.