Our Rates

Although Alternative Web Design is a small, independent business enterprise and much of our work has been done pro bono for community-based organizations, we will be very pleased to work with other business enterprises on a fee-based basis. Give us a call today at (540) 261-2291 or (540) 460-4594 for a free consultation on developing or updating your Web site.

Design & Development Costs
Design & Develop Your First Page — $500.00-$750.00
This covers consultation and requirements specifications; the initial creative design of the layout; the colors, navigation, and flow of your Web site. The initial look, feel, and flow of your home page can often take eight to twelve hours to create—or conceivably more, depending on the complexity of the page. Subsequent pages might take as little as twenty minutes, but an average build time per page might average about two hours.

Additional Pages — $50 to $150
Depending on the complexity of each additional page, the time and effort will necessarily vary. But once the initial page elements for your home page have been designed, developed, tested, and have met with your approval, subsequent pages will invariably require less time and resources.

Ongoing Site Maintenance & Enhancement
Web sites are not intended to be static. We assume that you will want to revise some or all of your pages over time, as well as add additional pages as your needs dictate. Accordingly, we offer several options for your maintenance needs.
Plan Included Hours Cost per month Additional Hours
A 2 $110.00 $65.00
B 4 $180.00 $55.00
C 10 $400.00 $45.00
If your site will remain static and not require many changes after our initial design and deployment, we can provide maintenance services on an hourly basis, at rates in line with our Web development rates.
Out of Plan Hours Cost per hour Additional Hours
As needed basis $75.00 $75.00